The Pig and the Apple

Once there was a hungry pig.

While traveling along one day, he stumbled upon an apple that had recently fallen to the ground.  At it’s peak of ripeness, the fragrant fruit was a comfort to the famished pig.

Opening his mouth to take the first bite, he felt unworthy of such a delicious gift.

He savored each crunchy mouthfull.  The fresh flavor of the apple was a new experience for the pig who had been raised only on slop.  Feeling the sticky juice of the apple drip down the sides of his mouth, the pig squealed with delight.

Instantly, the pig had gained a new understanding of what it felt like to be satisfied.

While taking his last bite, the pig realized his desire to find more of this nourishing food.  Curiously, he sniffed and scratched the ground surrounding him.

Finding nothing but dirt and dust, he vigorously scratched harder at the ground.  The dust began to swirl around him like a swarm of bees, yet he was certain there were more apples to be found.

He continued the search because he was taught that diligence always produces the desired outcome.

Wholeheartedly, the pig devoted himself to finding another apple.

He longed for the rich sweetness of the apple he once tasted.

While burrowing at the ground, the pig’s mind overflowed with thoughts of devouring one more bite of this new found treat.

Focusing all his efforts around where he stood, he continued to find only cold earth made of dust and rocks.  His efforts exhausted him and frustration began to set in.

Because the weary pig was hungrier than ever, he decided to surrender himself to a life of eating slop.

Foolishly, the pig never considered looking up.  If he had merely glimpsed to the heavens, he would have seen that he was standing under a tree, a tree of deliciously ripe apples.

Often we are like the hungry pig.  We dig at the ground frantically searching for treasure on earth.

Wanting satisfaction and nourishment, we depend on people and circumstances.  Such efforts leave us feeling depleted and frustrated because what we desire can only be found from God above.

My prayer for today is to stop digging in the dust and look above.

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