Peace of Mind for Parents

One of the most important jobs in the world is being a parent. It is also the hardest job in the world!

With so many voices telling us “how” to parent, it can become a treacherous, overwhelming and confusing journey. Believe me, I’ve been in the trenches for 20+ years.

I should have it all figured out by now, right?

After all, I have a Master’s degree in Varying Exceptionalities so I should be an expert on working with challenging kids, right?


Guess what I found after earning my degree, reading countless parenting books, attending workshops and working with children of all ages and in all kinds of settings…information overload…confusion…overwhelm.

Can you relate?

Here’s what I found didn’t work…

  • authoritative/fear-based parenting
  • obedience focused parenting
  • behavior modification and other method

What DID work? Our Connected Families story…

Our family was in crisis not long ago. One of our children began a serious struggle with anxiety and depression. I started listening to Connected Families podcasts and everything clicked. All my past experience, education, and research on brain science was reflected in the framework and beautifully merged with a biblical perspective. In all my years of being a Christian mother and educator, I’ve never found anything like this.

Connected Families has created something that is truly unique. The framework is easy to understand, and it equips parents with the tools they need for parenting children today. It is doable, and it gets results. Personally, I have been able to use the framework to improve relationships outside of my family because it is founded in biblical truth.

Finally, I found something that connected the brain science with biblical truth! Connected Families (CF) has a framework that teaches parents HOW to apply this knowledge and truth in a way that is applicable to all parents in pretty much all situations.

I seriously don’t know of another resource that checks all the boxes like Connected Families. I encourage you to dig into their website and podcasts. The cool thing is that much of what I’m learning through CF is benefiting in all my relationships.

Our family has been impacted by Connected Families and their parent coaching program in such a positive way that I wanted to find out more I’m currently working to become certified as a Connected Families Parent Coach.

I plan on updating this site regularly and posting when possible. Thanks for joining me!

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